EMS or BMS Path Configuration and Trouble Shooting

Estimate information is saved as an Estimate Management Standard (EMS) file or a Business Management Suite (BMS) file, depending on your estimating system.

These files allow you to share estimate information between your estimating system and Mitchell Connect.

You may need to set an EMS or BMS file path from Mitchell Connect to your estimating system the first time you do the following: 

  • Download assignment information from Mitchell Connect to your estimating system.

  • Export your estimate from your estimating system to Mitchell Connect.

If you can't find an estimate and/or need to configure your EMS or BMS path, view the reference section below organized by estimating system and error message.

Important: Mitchell Connect does not require you to set the EMS path for UltraMate. Mitchell Connect locates estimates for UltraMate automatically.

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Locate Assignments and Estimates and Set EMS or BMS file paths

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