Shop Clock

The Shop Clock is a licensable option for all RepairCenter packages except Premier, in which the Shop Clock is an included option.

The Shop Clock allows technicians to clock in and out of RO and non-RO activities. Reports from Shop Clock provide actual employee hours worked in a payroll period identifying the jobs that have been worked on. The data collected using Shop Clock can be used to process hourly payroll and helps the shop measure efficiency.

ClosedShop Clock Features

How to

ClosedAdd the Shop Clock Icon to your Desktop
ClosedClock In and Out of Shop Clock
ClosedAuto Clock-Out
ClosedClock in to Multiple Jobs
ClosedView My Assignments
ClosedView My Stats
ClosedView Tasks
ClosedView Work Order
ClosedView Vehicle Location
ClosedAccess TechAdvisor
ClosedAssign Repair Order Lines
ClosedMark Repair Lines Completed
ClosedFinish Job
ClosedView My History
ClosedGenerate Shop Clock Time Card Report
ClosedAdjust Hours for Time Management

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