Customer Satisfaction (AutocheX Customer Experience Tools)

If you are licensed for Customer Experience Tools, you are provided with information on your customers' experiences with the insurance company and with your shop. Insurers and shops both use the Customer Experience Tools results to monitor and improve customer satisfaction, to retain and attract new customers, and to increase profitability. All of this information is provided through detailed and friendly customer surveys. AutocheX helps to ensure recent responses by sending a follow-up email if surveys aren't completed in five days.

When it comes to customer satisfaction, the bottom line is how quickly you can identify and resolve issues. Mitchell International does more than measure satisfaction; we help our clients convert their data into action. Our dynamic Web-based reports and Customer Alerts allow you to act quickly to solve problems, save customer relationships, and build loyalty.

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Important Things to Know

EMS Paths

Before RepairCenter can receive customer information from your estimating system, the EMS Paths must be set up. This is done in More > Configuration > Shop Setup > File Directories. See Estimating Interfaces for more detailed information.

Setup: Sending Customer Information to Mitchell

Before you can send customer information to Mitchell, you need to set up the file directories. To watch a demo about how to set up file directories, see Shop Setup - File Directories Demo.

Customer information can be sent to Mitchell International automatically or manually, on a job-by-job basis. Learn about these options, including how to configure them, at AutocheX Customer Experience Tools.


Survey Alerts

Interviews are normally conducted in the evening. Alerts are sent to you the next morning. The survey data is loaded into RepairCenter that evening and is available to you the next day. For example: if an interview is completed on Monday night, you will receive an alert on Tuesday morning. The database is updated Tuesday evening, and the survey is available to you Wednesday morning.

Sample Status Alerts

Each week, on Sunday evening, you will receive a sample status alert e-mail from The e-mail will list for you all samples received by Customer Experience Tools AutocheX during the previous week.

If no sample was uploaded, you will also receive an alert message notifying you that we have not received any sample to dial on for that past week. The message alert line will read: "IMMEDIATE ATTENTION - NO SAMPLE - ACTION REQUIRED". The e-mail text provides a call to action and the direct phone number of our customer service group who can help in the troubleshooting process.

Note: Should you need to change the e-mail address that receives the alerts, please provide your shop name, Mitchell account number, and updated e-mail address to:

Customer Satisfaction Tab

Access to the Customer Experience Tools reports is from the Surveys icon .

Two sub tabs are on the top half of the Customer Satisfaction tab:

The Favorites and Reports tabs are divided into several areas:


ClosedTo run a report

  1. Click the Customer Experience Tools icon .
  2. Select the Reports tab.
  3. Select a shop from the Shops list, if applicable.
  4. From the Report Types list, select the report, then click Get Report. The blank report appears in the bottom portion of the window.
  5. Select the parameters for the information you want to see on the report.
  6. Program
  7. Date Range for the report information
  8. Start and End Months (if the "custom" date range is selected)
  9. The name of the Service Writer, if applicable
  10. The Insurance Company
  1. Click View Report. The report displays in the lower half of the window. See Icons for details on using the display toolbar.
  2. If no information displays, adjust your parameters and click View Report again.

Once you have generated a report, you have several options:


When you save a report as a Favorite, it creates an easy way to re-run the report without having to re-create it first. Once a favorite report has been saved, you can also schedule it for automatic delivery.

Favorite reports can be modified or deleted at any time.

ClosedTo generate and run a favorite report

  1. Click the Customer Experience Tools icon .
  2. Generate the report (see steps above).
  3. Click Save as New Favorite.
  4. A new dialog box appears, giving you the choice to save with or without automatic delivery.
  5. Without automatic delivery: enter a name for the report and click Save. The report now appears in your Favorites tab.
  6. With automatic delivery, click Schedule for Automatic Delivery. The dialog box expands to offer you several delivery options:
  7. Enter the e-mail address you would like the report sent to.
  8. Enter the text for the subject line and the body of the e-mail.
  9. Select the format of the report.
  10. Select one of the following options for the delivery schedule:
    1. One time only
    2. Every day
    3. Specific days of the week
    4. Specific time of day
  1. To run a favorite report, simply select it from the Favorites list and click Get Report. The parameters saved with the report are automatically applied.



The toolbar contains icons that assist you in viewing a multi-page report, printing, and saving.


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